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Books by Paul Otteson

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The World Awaits: How to Travel Far and Well
text and images by Paul Otteson
The World Awaits is written for those planning journeys across the globe. Part 1 explores the art of traveling wisely and well. Part 2 examines all areas of preparation, including route planning, gear selection, passport and visas, budgeting, shots, transportation, etc. Part 3 looks in detail at life on the road, from laundry to the language 'barrier'. Also featured is the Ultralight Handbook for the Road -- a rich source of condensed info on every country in the world. Included is data on population density, average income, visas, shots, weather, embassies, water quality, ATM access, and more.
Alaska: Adventures in Nature
text and images by Paul Otteson
This is a rich, comprehensive guide for independent travelers to the 49th state. All regions of interest to visitors are covered,with details on scenic highlights, food and lodging options, and data on parks, monuments, forests, wilderness areas, wild rivers, hiking trails, canoe and kayak routes, raft routes, and sea kayak regions. Highway guides utilize a milepost format, enabling drivers to follow Alaska's road routes in full awareness. The Appendix lists nearly 300 guides, outfitters, tour providers, gear rental companies, flying services and surface transport references.
Alaska Travel Smart
text and images by Paul Otteson
Distilled from it's bigger sibling, Alaska: Adventures in Nature, Alaska Travel Smart is geared to visitors who have a limited amount of time to spend in the 49th state and want to see the best of it.
Northern California Travel Smart
text and images by Paul Otteson
This guide highlights the top offerings in the Wine Country, Big Sur Coast, High Sierra, Redwood Empire, North Coast, Gold Country, Lake Tahoe, Yosemite, Central Valley, Far North and Monterey Bay. The San Francisco Bay Area gets special attentio, featuring chapters on San Francisco, the East Bay, South Bay and Marin County. Selected camping, lodging and dining listings are featured, as are maps and sample itineraries that can be used for trip planning.
A Parents Guide to San Francisco
text and images by Paul Otteson
Whether your family is visiting California's Bay Area, or you are lucky enough to live there, this guide will be of great value in choosing activities for the young ones. You'll find more than 250 options in San Francisco, Marin County, the East Bay, the Peninsula, the South Bay, and the surrounding region.
Kids Who Walk on Volcanoes
text and images by Paul Otteson
Intended for readers from 7 to 12 years of age, this 36-page book features dozens of full-color photographs of children, families and sights in the Central American highlands. Young readers will gain a balanced, impressionistic view of what life is like for their peers in the volcano country of Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. While the overall tone of the text is upbeat and engaging, issues like environmental degradation and child labor are not sidestepped.