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Part 2 Designing Your Journey

7) Challenges and Limits -- What is your 'explorers edge'?

8) Resources for Planning and Traveling -- Travel agents, service bureaus, student organizations, U.S. and foreign governments, maps, guidebooks, etc.

9) The Route You Take -- Transport strategies, climate, interest

10) The Weeks Before you Leave -- Passport, visas, shots, tickets, business, insurance, etc.

11) The Budget -- An overview

12) The Stuff in Your Pack and Why -- Travel light

The Road Reality pages match several of the chapter headings in the Parts 2 & 3 of The World Awaits. Text excerpts are featured, as are observations, links, and input from other travelers.

Road Reality

"The devil is in the details," they say -- so it is for journeying. Even the most easygoing, take-it-like-it-comes travelers will want to avoid delays, hassles, mistakes, and wastes of time and money. Most of The World Awaits is devoted to the practicalities of making the most of your travel opportunity by planning and preparing wisely, and by priming your mind to deal with the realities of life on the road.

The pages featured in this wing of the site offer an overview of issues including journey design, route planning, visas, health preparation, budgeting, packing, transportation, accommodations, language, safety, and much more.

Your contributions will be happily incorporated to make the site as accurate and thorough as possible—send them to me (questions too!)